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In the month of May, 2011, a Technical Non-Earth Object (TNEO) crashed near Shanghai, China. In less than a year 1.6 Billion people became infected with Extraterrestrial Related Lymphoma (ERL), and over 800 Million have died. Under the authority of the United Nation you have been select as captain of the UNSS Pasteur. Your mission is to exploring the galaxy looking for help and clues to the terrible extraterrestrial disease, massacring humanity. You, the ship and your crew are EXPENDABLE. Good Luck.

This was my Ludum Dare 19 entry, the theme was Discovery. It is one of my best entries, it got a 3.45 (out of 5) for Theme (Scores.) For more gritty development details check out my blog post: More details

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Pasteur-Search-for-the-Cure-Not-HiDef.zip 91 kB

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